Art Therapy

Over the years observing children and adults in our various art workshops, has led me to realize that in providing a creative opportunity we are often providing a therapeutic space as well. …..people who have come to learn how to create mandalas have discovered the wonderful healing nature of making rhythmic repetitive marks on page, people who have come to learn how to make Visual Journals have had many transformative moments of self discovery along the way. I have heard people processing questions and stories and contemplating new ways to see life. Surrendering to the flow state of art making can have profound healing effects. This is what drives Claire and I to lead our many art retreats, workshops and classes we know that art making can lead directly to wellness and healing. People can use the creative channel to access feelings and experiences that their cognitive brain has not previously accessed…….

This is why I decided to study Art Therapy last year to formalize the learning and beliefs in this area. I am now working with groups and individuals, using artmaking intentionally to access buried feelings and stories for healing. There is much powerful transformation in people witnessing their own stories on a page.

So what is Art Therapy ?

Art therapy is the intentional and therapeutic use of art making and the creative process to facilitate healing, emotional expression, creativity development, and self-understanding. This would usually take place in an individual session or within a specific group setting.

How does it work?
Through the making of images it is possible to externalise and objectify our experience so that we are able to reflect upon that and gain personal insights. You choose the art materials to suit you, there is absolutely no need at all to be an art expert, since the goal is to see what is calling to be expressed, not to create art that others will see. 

It really can be an enlightening process that can help access your  deeper self in a visual way.  Art therapy sessions will give time and space for you to focus on the process of creating art and then with guidance from the art therapist, you will together explore the meaning that the art product has for you. 

It is always up to the person who created the image to put meaning towards it. An art therapist will facilitate your understanding of that image in a way that allows you to discuss only aspects that you feel comfortable with and ready to discuss.

For some people, the images and objects created may help to hold or contain feelings that might otherwise be causing health issues or emotional pain.

People benefit from seeking support from various types of helping professions at different times in their lives. Many of us are used to being the experts of our own problems and generally access this knowledge through cognitive brain. My many years of art journaling have taught me first hand, the benefits of approaching and exploring challenges through visual methods. Art Therapy can provide a conduit to thoughts and feelings that are buried very deeply and help us to access those in a new way.

I offer private one on one Art Therapy sessions in a variety of locations, as well as bespoke group work programmes in schools, the community and in corporate settings.

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Katie Flowers

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