My Girls of Spice and Spirit

In a busy life of commuting each day, I have a daily compulsion to touch base with a little creative moment whatever that may be....Sometimes I turn the page in one of my art journals and just doodle or experiment...last year I began challenging myself to try out make figures...hard for me as I am hopeless at faces !!

So started my mystery girls which metamorphosised into a range of characters and portraits of friends. 

 My First "Spice" girls !!!

 Jenny and Sandy

Self Portrait !

 It was soon to be Christmas and so developed my Mulled Spice Girls!!

The Mulled Spice Girls grew in number and spread across Asia! Using a mix of collaged papers, travel pages, doodles and other embellishments a new series began !

Tai Tai Girls
Gangnam Girls
Harajuku Girls
Lan Kwai Girls
Kyoto Girls coming soon !

All of these images are available to buy as cards and prints, shop coming soon! 
Please do contact me with your enquiries.
                                                                                      Katie xxx

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