My Mandalas

Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning "essence" and " container". It essentially describes an image created within a circle. A circle is a child's first unconscious drawing, a spontaneous form that holds many meanings and messages in all cultures.

Mandalas can be planned and structured like these shown here. Creating a Mandala such as these involves a repetitive form of drawing that is rhythmic in nature and can be highly therapeutic and stress relieving.

Although these are structured in form they have all been created without the aid of mathematics or a compass. Making mandalas for me is a kind of mindful meditation on a daily basis, it feels rather like the process of doodling which allows the mind to pause or the mind to wander, meander and ponder as it will................

I create Mandalas in my handmade books.

I also create collaged Mandalas combining text and images with geometrical drawing.

Mandala Paintings

I create Mandala paintings upon collaged canvases, using Luminartre Paints.
( This process is taught during the upcoming Wild at Art Mandala Journey Retreats 2016 )

The little book of "mindful doodlage"

This is a repurposed a children's board book, so that I could create a square form upon which to make the mandalas and have backed the pages with Madeleine Slavick's book, I am therefore creating mandalas upon writings gathered by Madeleine from people around China upon the topic of "My favourite thing".

See workshop pages for details of our Wild at Art Mandala workshops and weekends in both Hong Kong and the UK. We work with corporate groups, yoga students, teachers as well as groups of teens, children and adults from every walk of life!

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