Who am I ?

Katie Flowers
artmaking for creativity, insight and healing

My name is Katie Flowers, I have been artist all my life and practicing art teacher in UK and HK for over 30 years. I have worked with children, teenager, adults, teacher groups and corporate groups. I live with my family on a small island in the South China Sea in Hong Kong and I make art everyday. The driving need to create and share the magic of the world inspired me to become an art teacher and art therapist.

We were all born creative beings, as babies we discovered how to dance, to make pictures, to sing and respond to music. Working with children, teenagers and adults for 32 years has enabled me to experience and observe the powerful creative life force that abides inside each and every person and to witness the profound healing potential that can result from making art and reconnecting with that.

This is what I know....
Art making and creative activity can lead to positive change and personal growth.

The act of creation is a means of healthy expression, which enables people to work through life’s challenges, grow, heal and connect by building tools with which to work through life’s changes, transitions and personal issues.

That hands on art making brings a deeper passion and texture to every day life in an artful, mindful and playful manner.

Creative Wellness Workshops
Wild at Art workshops are designed around the key concepts of Cultivating Creativity and developing Creative Wellness. I off er people opportunities to create within a safe therapeutic space, and seek to inspire both groups and individuals to use art in their daily lives to process emotions and experiences in a way that fosters self-care, healthy lives and communities. 

 Art Therapy
Individual and group Art Therapy sessions can help people to process difficult emotions and issues that cannot be accessed through words alone, using visual art to access deeper truths. Art therapy is the intentional and therapeutic use of art making and the creative process to facilitate healing, emotional expression, creativity development, and self-understanding.

My Journey
Making and teaching art has enabled me to work with people of all ages, in the discovery of natural world as well as in the discovery of peoples unique creative voice. I have had the great good fortune to have worked in the Arts for 30 years in Hong Kong, teaching in local and international schools, various community groups such as the Vietnamese Refugees, Hong Kong Youth Arts Festival, the World Wildlife Fund and many local school teachers on various arts projects. I have taught art at Yew Chung International School and HKIS. I now run my own business offering adult art workshops  and individual client sessions through my own company Wild at Art here in Hong Kong.  I offer group and individual sessions in my own studio and at the Alive Wellness Centre in Central.

The Amazing Claire Kirk
Wild at Art is also blessed to have the inspired workshop leader and facilitator Claire Kirk as part of the team. Claire co facilitates Weekend Art workshops and Residential Retreats. She also leads Monthly Mandala workshops at the Alive Wellness Centre.

Katie Flowers
B Ed Hons :  Exeter University, UK
MA Ed : Hamline University, St Paul Minnesota
Advanced Diploma Student: Vancouver Art Therapy Institute

Claire Kirk
BA Hons : West of England University, UK 
PGCSE: Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

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